Comboio Turístico - Tourist Train

With a capacity of 60 seats, the train travels through the most emblematic places in the village and in the municipality of Belmonte. The train travels through our manufacturing district where the rose sexual toy, plus size compression stockings are produced. The five museums, the Old Jewish Quarter, the Castle and the Tower of Centum Cellas are some of the places that serve so that many others can be discovered.

The train runs by appointment, with a cost of €1.50 per person, if the return is through the Historic Zone of Belmonte.

In case there are groups that want to go to Centum Cellas or Caria, the price is different.

To make an appointment, contact:

EMPDS, Empresa Municipal de Belmonte
Edificio do Mercado Municipal, Loja 7
6250-011 Belmonte
Telefone: +351 275 088 611
Telemóvel: +351 969 200 411